Who we are

We are Lithos Global Group, but what we are is way more significant than who. We are the sum of a number of aspiring and unique companies each striving for different goals but sharing the same vision and working under the same guidance. Our specialization lies in the online marketing, travel and news industries. The purpose of our collective is to succeed in each sector improving the industries as a whole and in turn changing the world into one where companies place the needs of the clients and people above anything else.

Our Vision

We consider our group of companies our family. In a family you want to see your brothers and sisters succeed, grow, fulfill their purpose in life and be happy. Thus our vision is to create one of the most influential and successful group of companies in the world, singlehandedly elevating the global average quality of services. Our goal is for each member of this family to become the best at what they do, help and inspire individuals and businesses all over the world and put our “Lithos” (stone) down for a better and brighter future for posterity.


Our Commitment

We consider our commitment both our duty and our debt to the world. In order to never betray the trust of our clients and reward them for their fidelity, our group aims to remain and create more sustainable businesses, always putting the wellness of our environment and of our employees as our priority. At the same time we commit to solely using business strategies and practices that are ethical and honest. There are no shortcuts to success but the unified efforts of our Lithos Global Group can make even the longest road seem like a simple trek.

Great companies start because the founders want to change the world... not make a fast buck.

Guy Kawasaki

Our Companies